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Our Story

QUALILIFE is a state- of-the- art, fully automated laboratory for the diagnosis of infectious diseases in Mumbai.

Qualilife diagnostic operates under the medical guidance of Dr. Roopa Viswanathan, who is responsible for study interpretations in accordance to the current CLSI, IDSA and BSAC guidelines for diagnosis of infectious diseases and anti-microbial testing. Infection control services provided are in accordance with APIC guidelines


A Healthcare company comprising of dedicated professionals which addresses the need of every health related query with emphasis on Quality and Time through limitless diagnostic insights and improvisations.


Address to the challenges of Infectious Diseases in the country by providing Value service and ensuring quality of life to all concerned.

  • 2010

    Established by Dr Roopa Viswanathan

  • 2011

    ISO 9001:2008 certified

  • 2012

    Automated Blood culture machines inducted

  • 2013

    Foray into MGIT/ Liquid TB culture

  • 2014

    Goal of 3000 Samples per Month achieved

  • 2015

    RNTCP Accreditation Expanded to bigger and better premise at Balaji Arcade

  • 2016

    DGHS H1N1 Accreditation

  • 2017

    NABL Accreditation

  • 2018

    Introduction of Hains Line Probe Assay for MDR and XDR TB testing

  • 2019

    New Pathology setup at Thane Pinnacle Orthocare.

  • 2020

    Introduction of Biofire ICMR approval for COVID - 19 testing

  • 2021

    Featured in top 65 Labs across India

  • 2022

    Blackswan Award for Women Empowerment

  • 2023


management speak

Infectious diseases have been inflicting mankind since time immemorial. The microscopic organisms have been on this earth even before the human times. They have been attacking humanity and had been very successful till 1940s when Penicillins, anti-biotics were discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming. There was lot of cheer in Medical circles expecting finally a victory in this long battle. However the happiness was short-lived. Within a decade of many molecules being discovered, the organisms developed ways and means to inactivate the potency of anti-biotics. That was the beginning of ANTI-BACTERIAL RESISTANCE.

Around 1980’s another infectious disease raised its ugly head, HIV-Human Immunodeficiency Virus!!! This led to the concept of immuno-suppression and opportunistic infections. Many organisms which were before non-pathogenic started attacking patients with immuno-suppressive diseases like Diabetes, Transplantations etc.

The role of Microbiology gained prominence owing to the scenario of emerging and re-emerging infections and multi-drug resistance. Also rapid techniques have been developed to tackle the problems of time-consuming procedures .Over the past decade or two, a lot of developments have been made in automated Microbiological diagnostics making rapid and accurate diagnosis for rapid, aggressive management possible. This has made the Microbiology services a forefront pointer than backstage performer.

At Qualilife Diagnostics, a state- of- the- art centre has been developed which caters not only to the diagnosis of culprit infectious agent, but also suggests the appropriate patient management option.

Water sterility checking ensuring the portability of drinking water and Operation theatre sterility surveillance are the other services that are offered according to BIS standards and APIC standards respectively.

Awards & Certificates
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