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Operation Theatre (O.T) And Intensive Care Unit (I.C.U)

Services Offered :
  • Annual OT Sterility with auto clave potency package includes
    • Environmental swabs
    • Air Sampling
    • Free consultation
    • Certificate every visit
    • Follow up till the result is negative
    • Biological indicator for autoclave potency
  • In- use Disinfectant Potency testing
  • Blood bank Testing
    • Whole blood
    • Plasma, Free Frozen Plasma
    • Platelets
Operation Theatre Consultation For New Set Ups :
  • Infrastructure and Layout plan
  • Cleaning and Disinfection plan (E.g Fumigation/ Fogging)
  • Environment Surveillance Plan
Interesting Cases :
  • Respiratory infections in NICU due to Acinetobacter in tap water used as humidifier
  • Klebsiella bacteremia in NICU due to contamination in unopened distilled water used as humidifier